Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i try to be a pretty positive person. i said i try. i fail at this a lot but i think its the effort that counts. that being said this post is a long time coming and im sure that if you know me well at all you wont be surprised that i am addressing this topic. now let me just reiterate that i LOVE dunks. i love the concept of dunks, the sweet designs, the stories behind them, the inspiration. BUT there are some major flaws that i feel it is my duty to point out:

1) apparently the people at nike think that they are mainly designing women's dunks for japanese people and six year old girls

case in point: the new "loganberry" dunk was rumored to only be released in asia. hmm i wonder why? but it actually is a united states release and thank god cause i was just thinking how much i needed a shoes covered in screen printed flowers in a really awesome grey and white colorway. please. walmart called, they want their hideous kiddy designs back.

really? ok lets see which colors go the best together hmm... probably hot pink, mustard yellow, grey, and gold right? no they dont. this is one of the easter women's dunk from this year (admittedly, the other one is MUCH better) it looks like someone ate some glitter glue then puked all over this shoe. its especially bad because the individual parts alone would be pretty decent. i like gold accents, i love hot pink on almost anything, im not crazy about mustard yellow really but wow this shoe is an abortion.

2) nike's pathetic customization tool on their website. i know a lot of people who ordered basketball shoes and whatnot from nike id and in my opinion they just looked like every other goddamn shoe but with the person's initials on it. when i heard dunks would be on id i was skeptical but hopeful. but then i saw the huge TWELVE COLOR selection they have including daring colors like grey and powder blue. wow. the worst part of this is that the colorways are barely even customizable because the "accent" color you pick covers nearly the entire shoe. seriously, im sure anyone could find a premade dunk thats better than anything you could make on here and get it for 20 dollars cheaper. if you want serious customs, just use one of the many great shoe artists out there. yeah you will be paying $200.00-$300.00 but you will get an actual one of a kind shoe that looks clean as hell, not some crayola mess.

3) this rant isnt really directed at anyone or anything in particular except for the pieces of shit that sell fake shoes. my problem isnt that theyre fake necessarily, just that they are passed off as real on places like ebay and people get ripped off. now, to my knowledge i have never bought fake shoes (thought i did once, but confirmed theyre real) but its just so lame to try to trick someone. if you wanna sell fake shoes, just say theyre fake and sell them for 30 bucks. people will buy them and you still will make an 800% profit. fakes these days sometimes are of very high quality anyway. my favorite is when some dumb motherfucker tries to put like 10 pairs of tiffs on ebay and have the buy it now price at like $90.00. in those blatant cases, it is actually the buyer who is at fault because thats about $450.00 less than the tiff market price.

damn all this negativity is bringing me down, and thats tough cause im 10 days sober now and feeling gooood!!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i didnt skate at all today. it was hella windy. yeah thats right i say hella. i just figured out how much i have spent on skating shoes/ board/ clothing in the last six weeks and lets just say its more than the combined years salary of the entire country of bangladesh. disgusting. and i just ate a burrito so now i wont be able to move for the next 45 minutes. god this blog is awful. i gotta get some inspiration. oh and the nike online store is garbage. how do they sell out of every goddamn pair of shoes in sizes under 8? CHRIST.


Monday, March 24, 2008

and one more thing

i know that i just posted but i would also like to share about my day today. i went to the skate park for like 4 hours and made quite a bit of progress. i think the trick is just overcoming your fear of wiping out because 1) the fear just makes it more likely you will fall and 2) falling is inevitable and doesnt hurt that much and probably builds character or something. but yeah i was going off some ledges and i have some more specific goals to work on and even though the park had patches of snow and it was kind of wet all over, it was a good day. perfect weather too. it was pretty cold when you first got out but everyone there was peeling clothes right after they started. ok folks thats all i got but yeah um ive had this blog for like 2 weeks and i have ZERO comments. come on i know someone has to be looking at it. im not trying to get a bunch of shit like "yeah right on girl!" or "teehee thats a wonderful observation" tell me i suck i dont care i just would like some feedback of any kind


higher education

ok since im trying to learn how to skate i think i should probably familiarize myself with some of the superstars in the sport. because honestly all i know right now is that tony hawk is like the michael jordan for skating or something and that rob and big is a great show. so heres some overview of some pro skaters both for your information and mine. (most, if not all information taken from wikipedia naturally)

yeah so this is tony hawk. apparently hes the best. made up a bunch of tricks, makes millions of dollars, and is the "face" if you will of skateboarding. good name too. tony hawk. i wonder if thats his christian name.

paul rodriguez. i put him on here cause i guess he designed my p-rod shoes. i dont know anything about him though. he kind of looks italian.

heres rob dyrdek and his bff big black(?) i think thats his name. he stars in one of the few reality shows (the only one on MTV) that doesnt make make want to blow my brains out and kill everyone on the show too. i think the black guy has his own clothing line with his initials. i like that. i want one too.

now with all these guys up here i guess we need to show the lady skateboarders some love:

her name is ryan and she has this really cute reality show but its weird cause she always seems to be whining about something. maybe she is just always on her period whenever theyre filming. anyway, yeah a great inspiration for all the young girls who want to make a bunch of money playing around with a skateboard and then cry about how hard your life is and how "stressed" you are. HANG IN THERE RYAN!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


ok heres some more pics of my prized possessions in all their dunkified glory. going home for easter so i may or may not post before sunday. if i do i will probably just put up some stolen easter dunk pics and critique them cause i gotta give the people what they want right?

um for some reason i couldnt upload a side view and my computer is being a fag and so i need to borrow a flash drive from my roommate and i dont wanna go back and get it blah blah anyway ill get a side view up soon. these are pretty plain but the rasta laces make them money. side is just tan and white. yawwwn ugh theres no point in even talking about them without the side view so moving on...

these are too hot. crazy snake pattern in gold and the only pair i have with black as one of the predominate colors, these are probably the dunks id most likely wear to the bar and im probably gonna change to black laces.

ahh my new p-rods. designed by pro skater paul rodriguez (i have no idea who he is) these are mondo comfortable and the shoes ive designated as my official skating shoes. this means that im not gonna have a stroke if and when they get dirty but dont think im not still gonna clean them after every use like i do with my other shoes. what do you think im some kind of savage?

thats all for now brace yourself for more quality blogging coming your way soon!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


so i went to the skate park located conveniently next to my apartment today and it was interesting. it was just me and my friend and six 14 year old boys who were flying around defying the laws of physics making me feel like an idiot falling all over the place. my body aches but im going out there with all those kids tomorrow, especially the one who told me he would be there early cause he got suspended from school. again my camera is not loading shit so i cant put up pics of my new p-rod sb's that i got today which are too fucking fly and i think ill add a pic of my board next time since i know the world is dying to see it. on the sober side, things are going well, i have more energy, more enthusiasm for life, and just real glow about me i think haha but seriously my alcohol withdrawals are pulling at me somewhat but im keeping it in control by staying busy with this crazy new hobby of mine. tomorrow pics fo sho


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2 days sober

Well people of the internet, (ie my friends who i told about this blog) your faithful narrator has sworn off all drugs and alcohol (excluding pills) for two weeks. what does this mean? well im gonna be doing a lot of working out, not puking, trying to learn how to skate, and updating this wonderful blog! and they said i would never be a contributing member of society... psh this blog is so educational it practically qualifies as charity work. all joking aside i know i have a legitimate substance abuse problem and i am proving to god, myself, and my asshole friends that i dont need the drug cause i am the fucking drug HA! now heres some more dunk pics to brighten your day!

ok shit i havent been able to add any more pics so this one will have to tide you over. these are dunkestos. half dunk, half presto, remember those crazy light running shoes that came out like 5 years ago? well yeah i loved those fuckers even though they ripped really easily so the combination of these two shoes is like peanut butter and jelly or gin and tonic (fuck) or carrie and mr big (haha yeah im gay) but seriously these shoes are boss, they feel great but you cant lace them correctly cause the tongue is connected to the bottom. these shoes sold HORRIBLY and stores couldnt get rid of them but ya know what i dont care i will rock these proud and if i see more pairs im gonna buy them

thats all ill be back with more later---